Something Old Something New.

There’s something very special about the idea of turning overlooked, old jewellery into a wearable and loved piece again. The popularity of recycling continues, and creating a look that’s unique is as important as saving money.

Tucked away at the back of drawers, many of us have unworn jewellery often handed down through generations, but full of sentiment and with stories to tell. We specialise in re-modelling jewellery and can breathe new life into your treasured keepsakes.

By taking your original piece and working with you to create a new bespoke design, we can keep the sentiment intact but make it wearable again.

Our re-modelling gives unworn pieces a second chance

  1. The original pieces provided here include Granny’s old diamond ring. It has five stones in it but the one at the end isn’t a diamond. And we also have an old ruby and diamond ring, Mum’s engagement ring. It’s a little bit dated looking. Plus an old brooch which is never worn, but it’s sapphires and diamonds.
  2. Design and casting. We’re amalgamating the sapphire brooch with the diamond ring and we’re going to make a broad band ring with stones scattered over it, recycling it into something completely different. And this one we’re going to do probably three bands with stones in each which our customer can put either three together, two together or one together, and mix and match”.
  3. Polished final pieces.

If you have jewellery that you’d like to recycle into a new wearable piece again, please visit us for a consultation.

Bespoke Jewellery from something old to something new

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