Re-modelling Jewellery

If you have jewellery that you'd like to recycle into a new wearable piece again, please visit us for a consultation.

Do you have unworn jewellery that’s, full of sentiment and with family stories to tell?

Recycling is popular and old jewellery should also be considered.  Re-modelling your unworn pieces they get a second chance of being loved again.

Using some of your jewellery, I  will work with you to create a new design.  This keeps the sentiment while making it wearable again.


In this example a Victorian style set  opal and  diamond ring was re designed.  The  claws were worn and broken.

Firstly I design a sheet of Computer aided design (CAD) images of the proposed ring. This lets client see a photographic representation of the jewellery.

At this point  an estimate of the final cost is given. 


This CAD design is then sent off to be cast up in the desired metal and comes back to me in an unfinished state, ready to be set with the stones and polished up.


The finished ring, new ring shank but utilising the stones from the original ring.