In-House Repair Service

Do you have a much-loved piece of jewellery that you have enjoyed wearing through the years?

It could be particularly special to you not because of its cost but perhaps because of its sentimental value which of course is difficult to ever put a price on. Perhaps it’s a piece of jewellery that was presented to you as a gift from somebody very special. Perhaps it’s a piece of jewellery that you inherited from a much-loved family member. There could be a whole host of reasons as to the special connection you have with a particular piece of jewellery and the memories it holds. Therefore, if a piece of jewellery that you treasure, whether it be a necklace, a ring, a bracelet, a pair of earrings or something else should become broken or damaged in some way, it can be very upsetting and stressful. You may wonder how you could possibly enjoy wearing said piece again.

Happily, if you know a trusted, experienced and qualified jewellery designer with an in house repair service your fears can be allayed. One such passionate and experienced jewellery designer with her very own in house repair service is Patricia Dudgeon of Patricia Dudgeon Designs. Patricia is passionate about all things jewellery and has been working diligently and with huge dedication to her passion for jewellery design and making for over 30 years. Patricia understands the deep emotional connections we can have with pieces of jewellery and how heart breaking it can be when a piece of jewellery should in some way become broken or damaged. The thought of being able to buy a new piece of jewellery doesn’t comfort us when we simply want the piece of jewellery that we love to be in good repair so as to enjoy wearing it and admiring it as we always have. Thankfully in addition to Patricia’s services of designing and making bespoke pieces of jewellery according to customers’ requests, Patricia also offers a comprehensive in house repair service. If therefore you are based in or around East Lothian and you are looking for a truly experienced and competent jewellery designer with an in house repair service you need look no further than Patricia Dudgeon Designs.

Why not visit the Patricia Dudgeon Designs website to learn a bit more about what products and services are on offer and how they may be of interest to you. You will also find it helpful to learn more about the in house repair service offered by Patricia Dudgeon Designs. Don’t let an accident or wear and tear cause you to stop enjoying a much-loved piece of jewellery. Whatever the issue may be, why not get in contact with Patricia Dudgeon Designs and let her know the situation. She will be more than happy to chat with you and advise the best solution. Details of how to best get in touch can be found on the website and Patricia will be most glad to receive your call or e-mail and to see how her jewellery design and in house repair service can be helpful to you.