Bespoke Jewellery

If you have pieces of jewellery inherited from a family member it can be easy to leave them hidden away in the depths of a jewellery box somewhere without them ever coming out to see the light of day and be enjoyed by all. Each piece of jewellery may have its very own story today tell carrying with it all kinds of secrets unique to the one who wore it for many years. It could have been an engagement ring or a wedding ring shared between two people who had a wonderful story of love and life. Jewellery is much more than just a stone or a piece of metal. Jewellery tells the story and a piece of jewellery can hold so many memories and a strong powerful connexion with a particular person in your life that it can become of huge sentimental value.

Are you looking for a professional jeweller for the purpose of jewellery design, jewellery making, jewellery repair or professional jewellery valuations? If so, you will want to know about Patricia Dudgeon of Patricia Dudgeon Designs. Patricia has been running Patricia Dudgeon Designs for over 20 years and with over three decades of experience in jewellery design, jewellery making, jewellery repair, Patricia really does know a thing or two about jewellery. Patricia herself is hugely passionate and the endless creative ways in which jewellery can be crafted to suit the bespoke and unique needs and tastes and wants of her customers. Jewellery can be a hugely personal matter and that is what makes jewellery so special. Concepts can be weaved into jewellery and Patricia is delighted to talk to her customers about how they would like a particular piece of jewellery to be made with a particular theme or sentimental concept incorporated into the piece.

Patricia’s love of jewellery can be traced back to her time spent as a child and young woman in Hong Kong. The jewellery lined streets in this fascinating far-flung city helped to instil a passion and interest for Patricia that has stayed with her throughout her life and has led her to successfully running a 30-year business in jewellery design, crafting and repair. Over the past 30 years Patricia has developed a truly professional reputation and her customers love her for her ability to listen to their ideas and to carry them to fruition. Much of Patricia’s work really is based around her customer’s wishes in creating pieces of jewellery that are unique and bespoke to them. Jewellery can be a very personal thing and we each have our own individual tastes. What could be beautifully simple and classic for one may be a little tad on the plain side for another, what could be chunky and cool for one may be a little outlandish for another, yet as long as we love the jewellery, we wear it will likely suit our personality and can bring many years of joy.

Pieces of jewellery can also be merged or altered. For example, a stone from a ring could be then crafted into making a pendant or brooch. For examples of how Patricia has transformed existing pieces of jewellery into something new yet still with the ability to keep the original memory why not visit her website. Here you will find more information on all of Patricia’s services including her jewellery designing, jewellery making, jewellery repair and jewellery valuations. Do you have questions with regards to any aspect of the services provided by Patricia Dudgeon Designs? Whether you have questions with regards to jewellery design or jewellery repairs or anything else please don’t hesitate to get in contact with Patricia directly using her contact details as found on her website. Enjoying jewellery is one of the simple joys of life and it’s very sad for lovely pieces of jewellery to be kept hidden away in dark boxes never to be enjoyed by the wearer or by others. If there is a piece of jewellery you would like to have repaired or valued or a new piece that you would like to have designed and made then please do get in contact with Patricia at Dudgeon Designs.