Stringing a much-loved piece of jewellery such as a pearl necklace can help to bring back to life a piece of jewellery that you may have loved in the past and have not been able to wear due to its need to be repaired by means of stringing. Perhaps you have recently had a sort out and have come across a much-loved necklace that needs stringing. Rather than it just hiding away in the depths of your jewellery box why not consider taking it to a professional and having it repaired.

A professional jewellery designer will be able to carry out all kinds of jewellery repairs including jewellery stringing. Pieces of jewellery that may have not seen the light of day for some time can enjoy a new lease of life. Don’t think about going out and buying new pieces of jewellery when you may have beautiful pieces sitting right there just to need of a little TLC. If you are based in or around the East Lothian area then why not consider learning more about professional jewellery designer Patricia Dudgeon of Patricia Dudgeon Designs. Patricia carries out the full range of jewellery design and repair services you would expect from a professional jewellery designer including her in house repair service and stringing.

Patricia’s love of jewellery can be traced back to her time spent as a child and young woman in Hong Kong. The jewellery lined streets in this fascinating far-flung city helped to instil a passion and interest for Patricia that has stayed with her throughout her life and has led her to successfully running a 30-year business in jewellery design, crafting and repair. Over the past 30 years Patricia has developed a truly professional reputation and her customers love her for her ability to listen to their ideas and to carry them to fruition. Much of Patricia’s work really is based around her customers wishes in creating pieces of jewellery that are unique and bespoke to them. Jewellery can be a very personal thing and we each have our own individual tastes. What could be beautifully simple and classic for one may be a little tad on the plain side for another, what could be chunky and cool for one may be a little outlandish for another, yet as long as we love the jewellery, we wear it will likely suit our personality and can bring many years of joy. It can be sad if we find ourselves unable to wear a piece of jewellery due to the fact it needs a simple repair for example a pearl necklace may need stringing.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Patricia to discuss with her any of your jewellery needs such as stringing. Patricia will be glad to have a chat with you and to see how her experience and services may help to create a beautiful piece of jewellery for you or to repair a much-loved piece that we already have. Why not get in touch today!